How Elementary school failed students.

Every teacher has had that one student who was the disruption king or queen. Teachers will try many things to manage the situation. A few that I have heard or seen over the years were timeouts, private work space, less work, more work, behavior plans, meetings with parents, behavior contracts, rewards, behavior charts, stickers, food, and many more.

These students are just relentless at disrupting or getting out of work. The teacher is relentless at trying to make it work, spending more energy, preparation, and research on this student. The teacher continues to try and improve , but finally comes to the point where it is time for someone else to get involved. Now, based on the behavior plan that the whole school has in place, this student is going to be pulled out of the classroom and placed into a room for a short while or for the day. There will be students that this is an effective method. But what about the students who this method is not effective with?

As any teacher will tell you, having that student out of the classroom is putting that student behind academically. But the behavior is difficult to overcome. So, two days of ISS here, three days of ISS there, and before we know it, that student has missed over 180 days of instructional time through their Elementary career. That is the equivalent of one school year, without even counting any sick days or other absences.

The cry for help is the behavior. Teachers work their tails off trying to do the best for the child. Having a one punishment fits all system shows an unwillingness to help, change, and adapt to make a child successful. If you have one of these students, or behavior plan in a school that is not conducive to even helping the toughest student to succeed, then continue to do your part and try to help others see the light. Doing the same thing over and over will not produce different results.



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